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Hartl Resort Bad Griesbach


"Olympic Games" team day

Citius, Altius, Fortius. Various games requiring coordination, courage and stamina and fostering team work. The programme of games can be extremely flexible in accordance with your time or budgetary stipulations and can include everything from a climbing course in the forest to "Magic Fire".


Jungle camp

Adventure in inflatable dinghies. Fast moving action, team spirit, courage and plenty of fun along the way. An integrated raft building workshop makes this module a real team adventure.


Bavarian Olympics

Milking, dancing and folk dancing, folklore and a cosy sense of community. Everything which goes to make Bavaria special.


The above is merely a brief excerpt from the multifarious possibilities which are available. Your outdoor event will be individually customised precisely in accordance with your wishes.



Interactive treasure hunt

Each team is equipped with a map, compass and information on the terrain to be covered in the search for a treasure which contains small “give-aways” and the words for the team song to be performed in the evening. Additional team tasks also need to be completed along the way.


Drum workshop

This course presents the techniques used on different drums as well as including musical presentations from West Africa and teaching basic rhythmic and musical principles. During the workshop, we will create a piece for drums and various voices. The course will also include a discussion on the background and conditions of the daily lives of the people of West Africa.


Snow shoe hiking

Strap on your snow shoes and explore the surrounding region! Enjoy the magic of Bad Griesbach’s “winter wonderland” and join our local guides in discovering places which few have seen before.


Dinghy sledding

Golf courses are not simply there to play golf on! When the winter deposits a thick layer of snow over Bad Griesbach, we like to take out our dinghies and go sledding.


Curling or chilling out in the Rott Valley

Curling is a traditional and popular pastime in the Rott Valley. A bit of music, the fun of the warm-up and a real competition followed by a prize ceremony make the hours fly by.


Building snow figures

Not just the usual snowman. Participants are provided with a range of colours and utensils to give free rein to their imagination. Der Kreativität sind hierbei keine Grenzen gesetzt.



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