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The Ludwig Hotel**** fitness.vitality.activity

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A warm welcome to “The Ludwig”, the new hotel at the Hartl Resort where the emphasis is on fitness, vitality and activity. We are looking forward to treating you to our Bavarian hospitality

They say that life proceeds at a different pace in Bavaria.
Our aim at “The Ludwig” is to provide you with all the time in the world to enjoy yourself. Regardless of whether you are bringing the whole family, visiting us as a couple or simply travelling alone, we provide variety, action and relaxation on your terms.



Activity is essential to achieving variety. And “The Ludwig” has plenty in the way of activity to offer guests who are fresh air enthusiasts in the form of a tennis academy, a Golf Resort, numerous cycling paths and the largest contiguous Nordic walking network in the whole of Germany. All these facilities are set in the beautiful surroundings of the Bavarian countryside, ensuring that no boredom can arise.

Perhaps you prefer indoor pursuits? No reason not to leave our cosy and comfortable beds. We offer a wide active range of yoga, Pilates, fitness and gymnastic courses to make sure your body stays in shape and to free your mind for anything which may occur.


Children's Club

“The Ludwig” also provides an exciting choice of activities for our younger guests. There is plenty of opportunity for budding footballers, tennis fans and horse-riding enthusiasts to indulge their hobbies. The Children’s Club,where facilities include pool, table tennis, game consoles and board games, offers variety and fun in equal measure. Practise your golf skills with your children or simply relax whilst others take on the child-minding duties. Our whole-day childcare service is looking forward to enabling both you and your family to enjoy a pleasant stay.


Beauty, health, thermal spa

Who said that only Italians understand the dolce vita? Here in Bavaria, we have also known how to enjoy life for some considerable time. The generously proportioned thermal spa and pool area at “The Ludwig” provides the perfect backdrop for well-deserved relaxation. Our health and beauty spa also offers a range of treatments to flatter your senses and get under your skin.



Typical Bavarian … or is it? The head chefs at our cosy dining rooms and convivial restaurants serve up light and fresh cuisine which strikes the perfect balance between regional and Mediterranean cooking. It goes without saying that “The Ludwig” uses seasonal and regional produce wherever possible. The food you find on your plate may well have been recently growing in a neighbouring farmer’s field. 


The menus at “The Ludwig” seek to harmonise with both nature and your own natural bio-rhythms. An energy-packed breakfast and a balanced dinner provide the perfect holiday balance. Whilst we are speaking of dinner, how about retiring to our lobby for an after-dinner drink and stimulating conversation in front of the open fireplace? Just sit back and relax.


At “The Ludwig”, we provide you with all the choices you need to make your next holiday something extra special.

We are looking forward to seeing you!



Telephone: +49(0)8532/799-0

E-mail: dasludwig@hartl.de


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