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FÜRSTENHOF****S Spa and Golf Hotel

Bavarian hospitality in familiar atmosphere


Beauty, Health, thermal spa

Health, beauty, well-being and fitness are watchwords on everyone’s lips nowadays, and the FÜRSTENHOF is the ideal place to pursue them. Keep yourself fit with Nordic walking, a trend well worth trying out since it is also suitable for those with little experience of fitness training. We make it easy for you by providing instruction 6 times a week. Our  three sports trainer provides a programme which changes on a daily basis and includes such elements as aqua gym, aerobics, Tae Do and stomach training. The one thing all the activities have in common is that they will all make you feel great.


The natural fango, massage and beauty facilities at the Fürstenhof feature all kinds of massages, relaxing baths, facial treatments, Ayurveda and hot stone treatments and are there to pamper and cosset you and live up to their overriding motto of providing the feel-good factor and relaxation.


The healthy water constantly bubbling up at a temperature of 36°C in our thermal baths delivers maximum well-being. Take advantage of the indoor spa with its goosenecks and flood showers, the outdoor springs and the steam grotto, the hot whirlpools, the saunas or the drinking fountain. Our constant aim is your health and well-being. And that’s a promise!



Telephone: +49(0)8532/9810

E-mail: fuerstenhof@hartl.de

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Hotel Fürstenhof

Hotel Fürstenhof Hotel Fürstenhof Hotel Fürstenhof Hotel Fürstenhof Hotel Fürstenhof

BABOR facials for the woman of today. Relax, and enter a realm of harmony and of peace and quiet!

Classic facial beauty treatment EUR 69.00
Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, ampoule massage, moisturising and soothing mask, daily skincare. 
(Treatment period: approx. 90 minutes)


Sparkling luxury EUR 59.00
Treat your skin to a champagne and top-quality wine yeast regeneration and revitalisation programme. Champagne revitalises, generates moisture and provides radical protection. A real treat for your skin. 
(Treatment period: approx. 60 minutes)


Babor Trend EUR 72.00 EUR
A special customised treatment based on the findings of the latest active ingredients research.
(Treatment period: approx. 90 minutes)


Beauty Treatment EUR 72.00
A power combination of active ingredients delivering a perfectly balanced complexion. Cleansing, peeling, deep skin cleansing, special fluid, precious stone massage, final mask, appropriate daily care
(Treatment period: approx. 90 minutes)


Baborganic Morning Dew EUR 98.00
Feel the soft and gentle effect of snowflakes on the skin. Pure mountain ingredients
(Treatment period: approx. 90 minutes)


Baborganic Beauty EUR 59.00
The magic of the world of the mountains melts on your skin. Experience a balanced, glowing, fresh and brilliant younger-looking complexion.
(Treatment period: approx. 45 minutes)


HSR Speed Lifting EUR 79.00
Anti-aging care for a youthful look.
(Treatment period: approx. 60 minutes)


BABOR facials for men

Energy Release Face EUR 59.00
For a stronger, fresher and more vital skin.
Treatment time: approx. 60 minutes)


Time Out Face EUR 55.00
Relaxes, calms and de-stresses male skin.
(Treatment period: approx. 60 minutes)
Small Face Relax EUR 39.00
Facial treatment
(Treatment period: 40 minutes)


Crash-course medium EUR 16.00
Ampoule treatment
(Treatment period: approx. 10 minutes)


Sensational Eyes EUR 15.00
(Treatment period: approx. 15 minutes)


For Her EUR 29.00
Neck, décolleté and breast treatment
(Treatment period: approx. 35 minutes)


Classic manicure EUR 26.00
(Treatment period: approx. 35 minutes)


Relaxing hand massage EUR 10.00
(Treatment period: approx. 15 minutes)


Footness EUR 15.00
Footbath with relaxing massage
(Treatment period: approx. 20 minutes)


Light on your feet EUR 29.00
Footbath, pedicure, massage
(Treatment period: approx. 45 minutes)


Vitality check EUR 10.00
Familiarise yourself with your skin!
(Treatment period: approx. 15 minutes)



Body treatments 

The beauty secrets of exotic lands from EUR 65.00
Khanya - Africa/Shadiya - India/Scen Tao - Asia
Precious ingredients from Africa, India and Asia to soothe and care for your skin. Ideal for dry and stressed skin in need of regeneration.
(Treatment period: 60 minutes)


Body peeling EUR 24.00
(Treatment period: approx. 25 minutes)


Body packs EUR 34.00
(Treatment period: approx. 40 minutes)


Brush massage EUR 19.00
(Treatment period: approx. 20 minutes)
Baborganic Short Facial EUR 79.00
A real treat for any skin. Experience a balanced, glowing, fresh and brilliant younger-looking complexion and a brush massage including a pack.
(Treatment period: approx. 70 minutes)


Wellness Trend EUR 79.00
A special customised treatment based on the findings of the latest active ingredients research and also featuring back treatment.
(Treatment period: approx. 90 minutes)
Thermal holiday week
Hotel Fürstenhof
Valid from 14/04/14 to 20/12/14