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MAXIMILIAN***** Spa and golf hotel

Bavarian elegance



The fast-moving world we live in makes great demands on our reserves of stamina and resilience which is why there is an ever-greater need for effective preventive health measures, long-term regenerative care and heightened body awareness. We can help you restore body, mind and spirit.

Our Maximilian high care centre offers you a range of immediate and preventive measures to improve your health and help you maintain a sensible work-life balance. Our holistic therapy is based on a combination of modern and more traditional methods and draws on both conventional and alternative medicine.

We offer treatments for the prevention or systemic treatment of work or age-related complaints as well as lifestyle conditions. If you suffer from cardiovascular, joint, back and muscle problems, we can help you. We can also treat sleep, concentration and memory disorders, exhaustion, chronic pain, depression, weak immune system and obesity problems.

Guests can expect an individual diagnosis, a holistic approach and the latest technological techniques for effective relaxation, indeed the centre has a high level expertise in burnout prevention, using the latest business coaching methods.


Sport and activity programme

Spa health walks, guided Nordic Walking tours to the thermal springs, meditation courses and a sports programme tailored to your individual needs (no extra charge).


Example of our exclusive sports programme:


    Aqua Fit – 4F Circle Outdoor – Pilates


    Aqua Fit – Nordic Fitness


    Aqua Fit – 4F Circle Outdoor


    Aqua Fit – Nordic Fitness – Pilates


    Aqua Fit – Nordic Walking – Stretch & Relax


    Aqua Fit – Nordic Walking



Telephone: +49(0)8532/7950

E-mail: maximilian@hartl.de

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