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Golf Resort Bad Griesbach


The "Griesbach Method" – the fastest, best and healthiest route into golf

The primary focus of our tuition is on the standardised teaching concept we use. Our Golf Academy bases its work on the "Griesbach Method" – a further development of the "UGLS" (Universal Golf Learning System), and this is how many of our 100,000 and more guests refer to our golf tuition approach. The Griesbach Method was developed by Dr. Manfred Grosser, Honorary Professor at the Technical University of Munich, working in conjunction with our Golf Academy and a number of golfing experts. This method represents the fastest, best, healthiest and most convenient route into golf and is also ideal for those seeking systematic perfection of their game. The Griesbach Method can be applied to everyone from beginners to single handicappers. It is a unique and scientific approach which uses the principles of physics and kinaesthesia to deliver clearly understandable and logical results. No one makes it easier to enjoy the game of golf than our Golf Academy.


Obtain your German Golf Association basic handicap and course etiquette certificate at the Hartl Resort

We have been offering courses leading to the German Golf Association basic handicap and course etiquette certificate since 2006. These courses comply with the official guidelines of the DGV. Once you are in possession of the German Golf Association basic handicap and course etiquette certificate, you can be sure that this golf "driving licence" will be recognised by all golf clubs in Germany which take part in the scheme (already in excess of 60% of courses). 


Golfodrom® - Limitless practice...

A warm welcome to the very heart of our golf resort, the perfect place to take up golf or for experienced golfers to improve their game – and an environment which makes practice pure pleasure. Interested in finding out how we do it? Then why not accompany us on a brief tour of the Golfodrom®. You will be greeted by our staff in the reception area next to the clothing shop and be provided with all the information you need for your golfing experience in Bad Griesbach. Our staff will introduce you to your pro, arrange club hire, gloves, scorecards and shot savers and make sure that you can obtain enough practice balls from the machines.


Leaving the course booking office on the first floor, we descend to the ground floor where you will find a huge selection of clubs, bags, shoes and trolleys and a team of professional staff who are experts in this field. We can measure your swing in the adjacent fitting room if you so wish. This provides all the key data needed for optimum selection when purchasing clubs. Once you are equipped with your own clubs, new clubs or hire clubs it is time to practise a few putts next door on the (18-hole) green in the hall. Practice is by no means restricted to the summer months. You will find out why a few yards further when you leave the hall and make your way to one of the 21 heated practice bays.


A tour of the circular Golfodrom®, which is almost 300 metres in diameter, will reveal (in the summer season) in excess of 200 grass practice bays and 109 covered bays (all-weather). We hit a few balls from the bays onto the "practice greens" in the centre of the facility. These greens are placed at various distances, meaning we need to use different clubs.


We walk past the dedicated chipping area and the golf pros giving guest lessons and arrive at the enormous outdoor putting green. This is landscaped with a range of dips, decorated with flowers and small bushes and features an unbelievable 72 holes. As we come back from the Golfodrom® we have the chance to view the sensational show given by our trick shot golfer Karl Scarr and take in a major club testing event before making our way to the Holzmichl Golf Hut, which strongly resembles a cosy ski hut, for a snack or a piece of cake. Is this the kind of environment and atmosphere which makes you keen to practise? We look forward to seeing you in the Golfodrom® soon, the original and the best.


Golf Resort Bad Griesbach

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