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The Golf Academy at the Hartl Resort in Bad Griesbach:
no other single venue has a larger golf school. 


It is not merely the quantity of the pros which makes our Golf Academy so special

  The Golf Academy is based at the Golfodrom®, which is also home to our professionals, unmistakeable in their red trousers, white shirts and blue pullovers or sleeveless pullovers. We have a team comprising 36 carefully selected international pros who endeavour to work with guests and pupils on swing and general improvements as well as trying to make sure that beginners get off to the best possible golfing start. The pros explain and demonstrate the important skills needed by those starting out in the game. They also have plenty of tips for good players looking to improve further. Our pros also undergo ongoing and intensive continuing training to build on their existing professional qualifications. This ensures that they have an eye for everything and are able to answer any individual questions posed.


Train with Langer coach Willi Hofmann

Willi Hofmann has been working with world-class golfer Bernhard Langer for 35 years and has now made his wealth of know-how available to the Hartl Resort.

The initial plan is for Willi Hofmann to provide additional support for ambitious golfers who are already performing at a high level and are seeking the assistance of a renowned professional to take their game to the next level. He will also deliver advanced and state-of-the-art training to the golf teachers at the Hartl Resort. The resort's Golf Academy employs 36 teaching pros and is the largest in the world.




Our professionals receive at least 20 days of theoretical and practical training every season. The focus of this training extends well beyond the latest ideas to emerge in the sport of golf. Our professionals also learn about biomechanics, the swing and its effect on the body and dynamic forces. Specialised pedagogical training also forms part of the programme of study. This includes the psychological aspects of golf training/tuition and the special knowledge required to conduct courses for children and young people.

Our Golf Academy adopts a joint approach to the further development of tuition for each new season and adapts programmes to meet individual experiences and guest requirements. The aim is to work in a success-oriented and individual manner. An important part of this is maintaining the records in the tuition folder issued to every guest at our Golf Academy. This enables a wholly personal approach to be adopted towards the documentation and analysis of the content of golf tuition and of progress made. The tuition folder is an essential part of the uniform teaching method pursued by all the pros at the Golf Academy. Our methodology undergoes further development on an annual basis in accordance with the latest ideas to emerge in the world of golf.



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