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at the Golf Resort Bad Griesbach


NEW: Swingfit Complete

You will be given an exact analyses of your golf swing and then afterwards a iron and putter fitting, in addition advice will be given on a suitable model of golf club for your requirements.

Swing analysis, club fitting and putter fitting from trained golf professionals.

Duration: approx. 

90 minutes

Price per person EUR 119.00 

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Club fitting

The analysis centre at the Golfodrom® uses the state-of-the-art club fitting system "Zelocity Pure Launch". We will explain to you which type of club is ideally suited to you and your swing technique. The specially trained pros at the Golf Academy know full well that the differences between various woods and irons are not only related to price. Other important aspects include length, pitch, angle, the weight of the club and the shaft, shaft material, the hardness and flexibility of the shaft and the thickness of the grip. Due consideration is accorded to all this data during the club selection process. The radar technology used by "Zelocity Pure Launch" measures such factors as club head speed, ball speed, spin, starting angle and length of shot. This enables every golfer to take advantage of the "optifit" systems offered by the various club manufacturers to carry out an individual analysis of his own needs. The results can be used to produce an adapted test club during the fitting process.


Club fitting with the support of specially trained golf professionals.

Duration: approx. 30 minutes

Price per person EUR 45.00

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SAM PuttLab putter fitting

SAM PuttLab is the first putting analysis and training system to subject the putt to precise evaluation under sophisticated ultra-sound technology and deliver reliably accurate feedback data. SAM PuttLab provides the golf teacher with an additional set of eyes which he can use to recognise putting details which previously remained hidden. Various methods of evaluation are available for practical tuition work. SAM PuttLab can be effectively deployed for players of any ability, from beginners to playing pros. The results of the swings which SAM PuttLab records are presented in graphically based reports within moments. Each of the 28 parameters used is clearly depicted and values are displayed. Alongside this graphical analysis facility, SAM PuttLab also offers animated evaluation enabling detailed study of all the details of the putt. The world's leading golf teachers and many tour professionals work with SAM PuttLab on an ongoing basis. Well-known figures in the golfing world such as David Leadbetter, Hank Haney, Padraig Harrington and Dr. Jim Suttle are all enthusiasts of the effectiveness of the system.


Putter fitting with the support of specially trained golf professionals.

Duration: approx. 30 minutes

Price per person EUR 45.00

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SCOPE High Tech swing analysis

The Scope System uses state-of-the-art computer and video technology to enable a guest to view his swing from two planes simultaneously by recording the execution of the shot with two high-speed cameras (130–150 images per golf swing). The teacher can use various perspectives, slow motion sequences and still images to conduct a precise analysis of the pupil's technique and provide specific suggestions for improvement. The coach and student then work together to develop the necessary swing corrections. The Scope software displays a wealth of data for this purpose, such as individual reference lines, angle measurements, speed measurements (club head and ball) and swing planes. Additional information is made available in the form of simultaneous displays of more than one swing, verbal commentaries and text displays. The "Zelocity Pure Balance" pressure force measurement plate is the first device of its type in the world and is a form of scales which measures pressure distribution and the position of a golfer's centre of gravity during the Scope swing analysis. This represents a whole new dimension in the further development of golf tuition. Results can also be transferred to a memory stick and processed further on a golfer's own computer. 


SCOPE swing analysis by specially trained golf professionals.
Duration: 60 minutes/30 minutes
Price per person EUR 90/EUR 50.00

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