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A golf course and golf tuition exclusively for children


The Golf Resort even has a course which is reserved for the use of children only. Adults enter at their peril! The Chervò Junior Golf Course is located directly next to the Bernhard Langer designed Brunnwies, and starting times are only allocated to those aged under 18. The emphasis is on fun. The course features six Par 3 holes with novelty hazards, comic figures and small obstacles and also offers absolute beginners the opportunity to play and learn the rules and etiquette of golf as they go. But the Junior Golf Course is by no means the only reason why the Golf Resort is an ideal destination for children and young people.


The Bad Griesbach Golf Academy has plenty to offer for every age group and every ability of player – a talent programme which provides a chance to learn golf in a fun environment.

The tuition for kids and young people is more than a mere holiday activity programme. The teaching approach may be based on having fun, but the training provided is seriously targeted. It includes such aspects as coordination, strengthening the muscles and, of course, developing the right swing. Children and young people spend the whole day (9am to 3pm) with the golf pro, and teaching is precisely aligned to the age group in question. Our golf pros have undergone specialist advanced pedagogical training for the work they do with children and young people. And sports scientists have long since recognised that golf is an ideal sport for the young and is capable of training both the body and the mind.


Golf Resort Bad Griesbach

Telephone: +49(0)8532/790-22

E-Mail: golfresort@hartl.de


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Chervò Junior Golf Course
Golf for children Chervò Junior Golf Course Golf for children Golf for children Golf for children


Chervò Junior Golf Course

Brunnwies 5 | 94542 Haarbach
Telephone: +49(0)8535/9601-0

E-Mail: gpbrunnwies@hartl.de


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