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The Golf Resort is the only resort in the world to offer you not one by three courses designed by Bernard Langer. The ideal golfing holiday in Bad Griesbach consists of five days of golf on five different courses and a two-day break to take advantage of the resort's health spa facilities. Where else can you find what the Hartl Resort has to offer? Five 18-hole golf courses, three of which have been designed by Ryder Cup Captain Bernhard Langer, and all of which have been constructed under the direction of the engineer Kurt Rossknecht, the most renowned golf courses architect in Germany by some considerable distance. The Golf Resort provides unlimited variety. Courses vary from hilly to completely flat and provide new challenges, impressions and views every single day both in golfing and landscape terms.


The Beckenbauer Golf Course in Penning and its direct neighbour the Mercedes-Benz Golf Course are the two latest golfing highlights at the resort. Both courses are highly interesting and have been designed by Bernhard Langer. The Beckenbauer and the Mercedes-Benz are completely flat and easy to walk. Although the fairways and greens are challenging, both are accessible for players of all abilities. The resort also features three other championship courses which exhibit completely different characteristics in terms of their terrain: the Brunnwies Golf Course (designed by Bernhard Langer), the Uttlau Golf Course and the Axel Lange Generali Lederbach Golf Course.

Golf in Bad Griesbach provides perfect greenery every step of the way. 55 green keepers and groundsmen make sure that all the courses are in peak condition.



Golf Resort Bad Griesbach

Telephone: +49(0)8532/790-22

E-Mail: golfresort@hartl.de


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Penning Estate
Valid from 31/03/14 to 28/10/14
4 nights, 4 green fees... ----- from 498 Euro